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What is "Green" Flooring?

Environmentally friendly is the key trait of "green" flooring products. The creation and manufacture of many of these products are not only meant to be good for us, but they are also meant to be good for the planet.

According the the U.S. Green Building Council, factors that relate to green building products include energy savings in production, wise and efficient use of resources, reduction of CO2 emissions and an awareness of the impact of using various materials.

In the flooring industry going green can mean using adhesives with low VOC and and without harmful chemicals. Natural and biodegradable ingredients can also contribute to a more healthy environment.

Some of the products considered as "sustainable" flooring products are made of renewable resources such as wool, bamboo, wood and cork. Some of the products created from recycled content include rubber and vinyl flooring.

Contact one of our local floor covering retailers or contractors to find out more about "green" flooring choices of your home or office.

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